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Hindu Celebration
Past activity report






23rd activity report

Eight students from Kolkata visited Japan in the 23rd term (August 13-22, 2019). Since it was the first time for seven of the participants to go abroad, we devised ways to interact in various ways and successfully held the event in Tokyo.


22nd activity report

In the 22nd term (August 6-28, 2018), we worked in Kolkata, Chantiniketone and Delhi.

It was a fruitful three weeks, including a subcommittee on the SDGs and a visit to volunteers and Chantiniketone.

21st activity report

In the 21st term (August 2nd to 13th, 2017), 11 students from India visited Japan and held it in Tokyo.

The activities were fulfilling by deepening exchanges between Japanese and Indian students, centered on subcommittees and cultural activities.

20th activity report

In the 20th term (August 10th-September 5th, 2016), we worked in Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.

We carried out well-balanced and fulfilling activities centered on three activities: subcommittees, cultural activities, and company visits.

19th activity report

In the 19th term (August 12th-September 4th, 2015), I visited Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

The subcommittees ranged from infrastructure to religion and had discussions with outstanding Indian students, including IIT.

18th activity report

In the 18th term (October 3rd to 15th, 2014), Indian participants visited Tokyo.

In addition to the subcommittees, we also carried out fulfilling activities such as wearing kimono and cultural exchange.

17th activity report

In the 17th term (August 6th-September 3rd, 2013), we visited Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. The subcommittee dealt with issues such as disparity, and during company visits, we visited SONY India to deepen our knowledge about IT and engaged in active activities.

16th activity report

In the 16th term (August 8th-September 4th, 2012), I visited Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore.

I also had the opportunity to learn about women's social advancement by visiting NGOs and volunteering, and it was successfully completed as a commemorative project for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India.

15th activity report

In the 15th term (September 10th-September 21st, 2012), 12 students from India visited Japan and visited Tokyo and Kanagawa.

It was the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake, but despite that, we were able to hold the event in Japan. A warm exchange between Japan and India was concluded.

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