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25th Japan-India Student Conference

​Recruitment period

From March 15th to May 15th, 2021


​Application conditions

All of the following conditions must be met.

(1) Those who are enrolled in universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, vocational schools, etc. in Japan.

(2)   Being able to participate in the plenary session (held every three weeks in August).

(3) Being able to participate in regular meetings once a week.

(Four)   Being able to participate in activity briefing sessions (held in September or March).

(5) Have a native level of Japanese ability.

(6)   Have at least English proficiency at the level of daily conversation.

(7)   Have basic PC skills (Word, Excel)

* The schedules for (2), (3) and (4) will be adjusted and decided by the executive committee after selection .



The executive committee will be given one of the following positions based on the person's wishes and aptitude.

Chairman (1 person), Vice Chairman (1 person)

Overall control

Domestic Public Relations Bureau (2 people)

Contact with sponsors / sponsoring organizations / companies and develop new businesses.

Finance Bureau ( 2 people)

Perform financial management of the organization. Preparation of income and expenditure budget, financial statements, etc. required for subsidy application.

International Affairs Bureau ( 2 people)

We will contact the Indian counterparts and make advance preparations for the plenary session with the opinions of both Japan and India.

Planning Bureau ( 2 people)

Responsible for planning the preparations for the plenary session, such as holding study sessions, lectures, and social gatherings.

Public Relations Bureau ( 2 people)

Operates official websites and SNS (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and prepares for announcements of plenary sessions and debriefing sessions.

* The number of employees in each position is subject to change every year. You may also be in multiple positions.


Let's Work Together

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