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Brahma Temple

25th Theme and Groups

"Deepen the understanding of global issues and cultures of both countries through “food culture"


"Food" is a familiar theme for both Japan and India. And in the current international community, problems related to "food" are linked to various global issues such as environment, poverty, and health. By learning about the issues related to "food", social issues of Japan and India and various issues of the world from various angles and touching the cultures and values of both countries through "food", we would like to promote mutual understanding between the two countries.


"Looking at the future of 2030 and beyond, Think about the path that both countries should take"


The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the arrival of complex and uncertain era, pushing us to rethink about not only the spread of infectious disease but also about various other global challenges. The turning point for these global issues will be 2030, which has been set as the target deadline for the SDGs.

Now, at the start of new era, considering the goal of 2030, we will recognize the current situation of both countries, discuss the challenges India and Japan will face in the coming future, and discuss about the ‘Desired future’ after 2030 turning point. We will also discuss about necessary measures to achieve the desired results. From the perspective of "food," we will propose thoughts about the problems hidden in both countries and the international community. We will also propose our ideas about how the Japanese and Indian communities cooperate in the process of realizing sustainable world.

As we reach the milestone of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India, we believe that this year's conference will be an important opportunity for students who will be responsible for the future of both countries to think about how to cooperate with each other in the coming 10 years, that is the target goal of 2030, and beyond.

Goals of the Conference

​ Goal 1

By discussing the cultures, values, and social issues of both countries from the perspective of "food," we will refine the wide range of perspectives necessary for human resources who will serve as a bridge between Japan and India in the future.

​ Goal 2

Through common issues between Japan and India related to "food", we will be able to deepen our understanding of the other country by learning about the problems that both countries have and the differences in their approaches, and we will be able to objectively grasp the issues of our own country.

​ Goal 3

Students from Japan and India will continue to discuss about the "desired future" of 2030 and beyond and propose their “own goals” and aim to become human resources who will work to realize those goals about future.

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