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​About selection method

​The selection of executive committee members is roughly divided into two steps: document screening and interview screening.
We start selection from applicants at any time, but please be assured that it is not on a first-come, first-served basis.

1. Submission of application form

After reading the application guidelines carefully,Please submit the application form.

2. Announcement of acceptance / rejection of document screening

We will guide the interview examination to those who passed the document screening (application form).

3. Interview examination

In Japanese and English

I will have an interview.

4. Final pass announcement

We will inform you about future activities for those who have passed the interview examination.​

​About application

​All selections for the 25th term have been completed. The recruitment for the 26th term is scheduled to start around the spring of 2022.
​ Please check NEWS on the official website for the latest information.

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