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Q & A

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.​

About our organization JISC

Q. What kind of organization is JISC?

A. JISC is a student organization established to deepen exchanges between Japanese and Indian students.

The plenary session will be held in August, and the venues will alternate between Japan and India.

Q. What kind of members do you work with every year?

A. Every year, various university students, regardless of nationality or faculty, participate in this conference.

If you are a Japanese university student or graduate student, you can participate in it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

About advance activities

Q. What exactly do you do in advance activities?

A. As a preliminary activity, we mainly hold a weekly meeting, and in addition to reporting progress from each station and establishing a schedule for the plenary session, we also hold study sessions for the plenary session. ..

Q. Do I have to participate in the pre-activity?

A. As a general rule, attendance is required, but if you have a plan on the day and cannot attend, please contact us in advance.

Q. I live outside the prefecture, can I participate in the activities?

A. You can connect Skype or zoom to people outside the prefecture during the meeting, so you don't have to worry even if you are outside the prefecture.

* In the 24th term, we are holding a zoom meeting for a while.

Q. Where do you always carry out pre-activity?

A. I usually use a free space for students called Sageya in Shinjuku.

* In the 24th term, we are holding a zoom meeting for a while.

About the plenary session

Q. What does the plenary session do?

A. We decide the theme every year and deepen our understanding of the theme through group work with Indian students at the plenary session. Please see past reports for details.

Q. What is the difference between holding in Japan and holding in India?

A. Of course, the side that became the home of the event is the side that provides "hospitality", so the amount of work in advance preparations and plenary sessions varies greatly.

Q. Is it difficult to attend a meeting if I don't speak English?

A. That's not true. Not all participants can speak fluent English, and there are many ways to interact other than language. Passion and passion are important to this conference, not language.

Q. Can even inexperienced people participate in the conference?

A. Of course. Let's make India the first overseas country!

Q. How do you decide on the program for the plenary session?

A. We will decide together at the weekly meeting.

Q. I am worried about security when holding in India.

A. If the venue is India, Indian students will always accompany you during the plenary session. Also, even if you are only Japanese, don't worry because it is always a group activity.

Q. I am currently in the 4th grade. Is it compatible with job hunting?

A. Naturally, please give priority to job hunting. If you can attend the plenary session, even if you cannot attend the meeting due to unavoidable circumstances, it is okay if you contact us in advance.

About application for participation in the 24th term

Q. How should I apply for participation?

A. Please follow the instructions on the "Application Guidelines" page to apply.

Q. Is there a place where I can go to hear the explanation directly?

A. We are considering a joint briefing session for the 24th term. We will let you know when the details are decided.

Q. When will the activities for the 24th term begin?

A. We will have the first meeting about a week after all the interview selections are completed, so please join us.

※ this year (August 2020), the present meeting of the summer held was aborted.

February 2021 To hold an online plenary session

If you would like to participate in the 24th term, we are looking forward to your application!

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