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We had a study session with Hibiya High School students about the food crisis in India!

Hello there! It’s been a while.

This is our first post in the 25th term.

As I wrote in the title of the blog

at JISC, we had a meeting with students from Hibiya High School.

Brief introduction of Hibiya High School

Hibiya High School is a well-known prestigious school in Tokyo, and it has been designated as "Tokyo Global 10 (G10)" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. and every year we make proposals on global food issues. Hibiya High School undertakes study sessions and proposals on global food issues every year.

Every year, Hibiya High School considers realistically feasible proposals from the perspective of Japanese high school students, and eventually present it to the professors from Aspen Institute in the United States.

This year, the theme of JISC conference is Looking forward to 2030 and beyond from the perspective of “Food

〜What Japan and India can do to realize a sustainable world〜

Linked to the theme of the G10, this meeting provided us a good opportunity to deepen our knowledge.

The G10 members who contacted JISC this time said that they would like to focus on the food crisis in India and proceed with efforts to solve the iron deficiency with ironware (like Nanbu ironware).

(The theme may change slightly as we discuss with Indian students in the future)

The theme for JISC in this year is focused mainly on “Food”.

We informed the other side that we are yet in the starting phase of this year’s activities, and we haven’t started the interactions and study sessions with Indian students yet. The other party had sent a set of questions regarding the theme beforehand. Each member from JISC shared their experiences, conducted research and surveys, and interviewed local people so that they could answer the questions sent in advance. (In JISC, we have some members who have experience of living and studying in India and some Indian students currently studying in Japan.)

We studied about following items.

1. Indian food (tableware, food culture, vegetarian diet, etc.)

2. Anemia due to iron deficiency (status and causes, iron intake method, current efforts)

3. About education in India (food education, school lunch, etc.)

4. India's economic disparity (influence of caste, disparity in vegetarianism, social security, and medical system)

5. About the possibility of popularization of Nanbu Tekki (Ironware in Japan)

Despite being busy, all the members carried out research and they were well prepared for the actual meeting.

In the meeting, student from Hibiya High School presented about the problem of iron deficiency in India and solution proposed by them, which was followed by opinions and impressions from the JISC members and discussions about answers to the previously sent questions.

Students really amazed us with their incredible presentation and well-thought-out questions!

We also gained motivation from these students looking at the future and trying to come out with solutions at this age.

Also, based on this meeting, we will further change and improve the contents of the theme, so we are really looking forward to the final presentations!

In the group photo, the high spirit of the young students is clearly visible!

Recently some students, who are focusing on "India's iron shortage" from the issue of the global food crisis contacted JISC to know more about the situation and food culture in India. This created an opportunity to organize this study meeting regarding Indian food culture and food utensils.

We at JISC, are thankful to the students for creating such an enriching opportunity and we also wish you good luck for your final report!

Also, we are looking forward to other such opportunities to broaden our knowledge through exchanges of thoughts and information.

This was the latest report of our student conference.


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