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How was India’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics 2020?

The Tokyo Olympics is over, and Japan has won a total of 58 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals.

Which game were you most interested in?

I am very disappointed that I could not see my favorite sailing. I could watch only the closing ceremony.

By the way, the theme of this blog is "India’s performance in Tokyo Olympics"!

India won total 7 medals, including 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals!

India's only gold medal was for the "Men's Javelin Throw” by Mr. Neeraj Chopra (23).

He recorded 87m03 for the first throw and 87m58 for the second throw. It’s hard to imagine the throw by just listening to these numbers though.

But it is admirable that he threw the Javelin so far with his strength. He became the first gold medalist athletics in India with a population of 1.3 billion!

Also, this is the first feat in 121 years since Norman Pritchard, who won two silver medals in the 200 meters and the 200 meters hurdles in the 1900 Paris Olympics.

I am very pleased that the Olympic Games held in my country has become a big event for Indians. It was a great honor to hear such happy news.

Fun fact is, India has some national sports that are unfamiliar to Japan.

Let us discuss about “Indian sports” in our next blog!


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